Zacho Fraser – Two Track/Material of My Own (Free Download)

by Martyn Pepperell.

Zacho Fraser


‘Two Track/Material of My Own’ is a piece of guitar underpinned weird chamber pop, as created by emerging artist Zacho Fraser. Fusing crackling electronics, pitch manipulated vocal snippets and syncopated double time drums with Hawaiian style guitar pitch slides, a repeated clear voiced refrain of “dream catcher”, ascendent ah ahh ahhs and a seismic low-end rumble, he’s captured a powerfully transportive atmosphere, one perfectly suited to those late night hours.

You can listen to ‘Two Track/Material of My Own’ below via The Audience, where it is also available as a free download. Afterwards you might want to check out Fraser’s preceding song ‘One Track/Helix’. Together the two pieces form a suite, a suite which may potentially be ongoing…

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