The Eastern – The Letting Go (Official Video)

by Martyn Pepperell.

Taken from Hope and Wire

(Rough Peel Records)

Lyttleton Harbour alt-country clan The Eastern are the sound of perseverance. They’ve been to hell and back and still keep things positive, uplifting and humble. ‘The Letting Go’ is the latest single from their forthcoming new album Hope and Wire. Juxtaposing footage of earthquake wreckage in the Canterbury region with visions of new life, the treatment is a perfect visual match for singer Adam McGrath’s gravelly toned, kinetically emotive storytelling. This time around, I read Adam as singing of a symbolic cutting of ties with the past, while simultaneously embracing the possibilities of the future. ┬áThis March, freshly minted Wellington record label Rough Peel Records will release Hope And Wire on both vinyl and CD.

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