Mdou Moctar – ‘Anar’ (Official Video)

by Martyn Pepperell.

(Sahel Sounds)

The craziest thing about ‘Anar’ by Tchin-tabaradene, Niger guitarist/singer Mdou Moctar is how much it sounds like the the past and the future at the same time.

An auto-tuned love ballad, which was funnily enough, a massive hit on the Saharan cellphone music circuit, ‘Anar’ mixes classic folkloric guitar work and percussion from the Niger region with the kind of auto-tune vocal which would actually scare T-Pain a lil bit. But guess what? It fucking works.

Christopher Kirkley from Sahel Sounds recently made a video clip for ‘Anar’. I’m going to assume it is made of found footage, but I don’t actually know. It  also reminds me of El Topo.

You can view the video to the left, and if you’re down with Mdou Moctar’s ancient futurism (or future ancientism perhaps?) you should cop a download of the song (or a 7″ record version) over on bandcamp by CLICKING HERE. It also comes with an English language remake by Portland band Brainstorm.

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