JME – 96 Fuckeries (Official Video)

by Martyn Pepperell.

(Boy Better Know)

Boy Better Know’s JME (government name: Jamie Adenuga, brother to Joseph ‘Skepta’ Adenuga)  has long been one of my favourite London grime MCs and it’s great to see him still keeping the fire stoked in 2012.

Still relatively underplayed in the South Pacific, his recent UK top 50 charting single ’96 Fuckeries’ is notable for a number of reasons. Firstly: it’s an actual grime track. Newsflash: ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ and ‘Wearing My Rolex’ might have grime MCs on them, but they are not actual grime tracks. Secondly: ’96 Fuckeries’ has no hook. It’s just a 96 bar flow, laid over a genius era referencing grime instrumental, also produced by JME. Thirdly: It includes references to iOS5 and legal terms and conditions, not exactly pop subject matter right?

To make matters even more gully, ’96 Fuckeries’ wasn’t supported by a PR team, and JME isn’t even signed to a record label. So, no media servicing was involved. Heck, we’re talking about a guy who is more busy making money out of his own Boy Better Know “Pay As You Go” Mobile SIM cards (with a full eight bars of coverage, grime nerd will get this).

You can view the obsessively self referential, yet hilarious Matthew Walker helmed official video for ’96 Fuckeries’ to the left.

Afterwards, learn more about the movement over at the Boy Better Know website.

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