Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo Stream)

by Martyn Pepperell.


(Unreleased/XL Recordings)

After the internet equivalent of 100 Years of Solitude (and I’m not talking about the book), the UK’s Jai Paul has returned with a new demo ‘Jasmine’.

Jai Paul last blessed up our internets in 2010 with ‘BTSU’ a piece of stellar new wyrd singer/synthwriter work which while riding hyperlink to hyperlink on an endless wav. of blog posts and retweets ended up providing both Drake and Beyonce with a perfect sample to respectively utilize on ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’ and ‘End Of Time’. Judging by the time Jai Paul has taken between songs, it probably also provided him with a bag of money and freedom to create at his own pace.

‘Jasmine’ build on the glitchy, synthy textures Jai Paul set out on ‘BTSU’ taking things in a landscape which while a touch more subtle, carries a very human ghost-in-the-machine android chanson vibe. Organics and in-organics in kaleidoscopic, brightly toned harmony.

You can stream ‘Jasmine’ below. No word on any future releases from Jai Paul yet though. But hey, despite what the internet content farm might have lead you to believe, good things take [tangible] time.




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