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Sherpa – Love Film [video]

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Sherpa have released the video for their latest single ‘Love Film,’ from their soon-to-be-released new album. Set in a very theatrical 60s Paris, it follows the romantic beginnings of a relationship, and is particularly set around the chorus lyric ‘every little moment I spend with the girl I love, I want to film her.’ Directed […]

Mavis Gary – Dim The Droog / Candy Darling

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Mavis Gary – the moniker for Adrian Ng of Dunedin’s excellent Trick Mammoth – has released the first tracks from an upcoming full length release. Not dissimilar in sound and tone to Trick Mammoth, in the lo-fi focus and attention to delicate melodies, paired with colourful, distorted arrangements, Mavis Gary does however shift the focus […]

Cults – I Can Hardly Make You Mine [stream]

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I had a mini and I guess fortuitous Cults revival a few weeks back while making a friend a playlist. The pop-rock’n’roll of the self titled 2011 record even at the time felt like it was a summer throw away record; a happy-go-lucky, energetic aural accompaniment to a damn good time. Listening back, there’s still a […]

Ghost Wave – Bootlegs [video]

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Ghost Wave have released the video for their new single ‘Bootlegs,’ from their upcoming new record Ages. Filmed in Christchurch, it depicts a flower growing amongst the rubble of the post earthquake city, with a little helping hand (and adhesive). Positioning people within the spectrum of natures power, ie the earthquake and the flower, it […]

The Eversons – Creepy [video]

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Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 4.32.49 PM

Lil Chief Records The Eversons have released the video for their single ‘Creepy,’ directed and animated by Hadley Donaldson. The track was released on their debut LP Summer Feeling last year, but is to be released as a single next month. For a band with such a disposition for succinct, often hilariously spot-on storytelling, you […]

The Bonzai Birds – Wrong Is Right As Rain

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Auckland based 4 piece The Bonzai Birds have released a new track titled ‘Wrong Is Right As Rain.’ An eclectic, polished and refreshingly live sound, ‘Wrong Is Right As Rain,’ sits somewhere in a Brit-pop, psychedelic, guitar heavy rock’n’roll world. Musically it’s strikingly proficient, with excellent guitar riffs and tones, strong vocals, and a really […]

Official Trailer to ’12 Years a Slave’

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12 Years a Slave is a historical drama set in 1853 that follows the kidnapping and illegal trade of Solomon Northup into slavery. Staring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender and Paul Giamatti and is directed by Steve McQueen. Check out the trailer above

The Parks (Ladi6) Interview

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Photographer: Harlin Davey

One of those understated team players with the capacity to really shine in the fourth quarter, Parks has been a central part of the development of New Zealand hip-hop/soul vocalist Ladi6′s sound, both onstage and on record.

The NBA Finals in Animation Form

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London based animator Richard Swarbrick draws some of the Nba Finals magic moments, ending with “The King” cuddling the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. To see more of his work click here

Flume – On Top Feat. T.Shirt [video]

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Flume has released the video for his single ‘On Top’ feat. T.Shirt. The video cuts between a live set and an almost neon billboard style filter featuring T.Shirt. While hardly breaking new ground on the music video front, where cut up live clips come music videos are a dime a dozen, like many cliches it’s […]

Shapeshifter – In Colour [video]

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Shapeshifter have released the video for their new single ‘In Colour,’ from the album DELTA. Directed by Nick Dwyer, it’s an unabashedly ‘warm fuzzies’ video, focussed on the power of music, to connect people & the joy that ensues, and you’d have to be some sort of hardened cynic to not appreciate that.

Campaign Video for New Reuse-a-Shoe for Nike

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Since 1990 Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program has transform 28 million pairs of secondhand shoes and 36,000 tons of scrap materials into Nike Grid, a byproduct used in creating more than 450,000 athletic fields, courts and tracks around the globe.

Black City Lights – Give It Up [stream]

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Wellington dark pop due Black City Lights have released their latest single ‘Give It Up’ through Stars & Letters Records. It’s a heavily electronic affair, with big reverbous echoes and wet, layered vocals, reminiscient of the darker side of the 80s that Black City Lights seem to inherently channel. The strong melody, along with the […]

The Dodos – Confidence [stream]

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San Franscisco duo The Dodos have released the new single, ‘Confidence,’ from their upcoming 5th album, ‘Carrier.’ There is something about the tone of Meric Long’s voice that made songs like ‘Walking’ from Visiter strangely visceral songs, above and beyond the tracks themselves (which isn’t to say they aren’t powerful enough on their own merit). […]

The King Presents The Lebrons – Season 2

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Originally developed for Nike commercials, the second season of The Lebrons returns with better CGI animations and features all four of Lebrons alter egos. The show tries to get across positive messages to people. Look for the show online at Xbox 360′s Xbox Video

Loui the ZU – In The Winter [video]

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It’s obvious from the first few chords, paired with the beginning of the video, that Loui the ZU has something up his sleeve with the new video for ‘In the Winter.’ The track itself is polished as hell, with a great pairing of Lydia Cole’s voice and folk sensibilities, and a stripped back but effective […]