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The King Presents The Lebrons – Season 2

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Originally developed for Nike commercials, the second season of The Lebrons returns with better CGI animations and features all four of Lebrons alter egos. The show tries to get across positive messages to people. Look for the show online at Xbox 360′s Xbox Video

Arrested Development 4th Season Trailer

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Arrested Development is finally back for a fourth season, after being cancelled by Fox in 2006. The entire season will be available on the 26th May via Netflix, who have licensed the season, which is a pretty excited prospect and much more aligned to how people watch TV these days. Hopefully it heralds a shift […]

Veep Season 2: Trailer 2

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Veep, the flinchingly good HBO comedy about an American Vice President, is back for a second season next month, and the second trailer is out. Louis-Dreyfus was spot on as Selina Meyer, the unorthodox (or is that overly hopeful) Vice President,who struggled with the in and outs of the job and managing team of staff, […]

Who Pixelated Laura Palmer? The Existential Terror Of The Twin Peaks Computer Game

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There’s something undeniably creepy about those old-fashioned computer games. I think it’s the result of a lot of small things coming together – things such as the urban legends about computer game-based mind control, and the nightmare fuel that could result from inserting cartridges a bit askew. Or maybe the way that in the very […]

Talk About A Headshot: A Photo of Nick Offerman With A Giant Phallus (NSFW)

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We started the week with some celebrity nudity, so let’s end it with some. Add twenty-odd years to the man in this image, and you may recognise him as Nick Offerman, better known for his role as the hard-ass conservative boss Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. The AV Club has an interview with him, in which he […]

David Manning – The Man Who Wasn’t There

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I came across this article yesterday about how the entertainment industry turns negative reviews into positive ones. In the article it talks about how Salon Magazine’s Willa Paskin’s harsh review of the TV drama Newsroom was condensed into a small but gushing pullquote. She wrote “The results are a captivating, riveting, rousing, condescending, smug, infuriating mixture, a […]

What’s The Onion up to? Sex and [on-stage] Death

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Sex and death are the cornerstones of biology, they’re also pretty useful in entertainment – what with them being life’s constants that we can all relate to, and all. That’s why The Onion, and her sister publication have The A.V. club have launched a video series each, one’s sex, the other is (metaphorical on-stage) death. […]