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VanguardRed Talks to Lilly Loca

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A little introduction perhaps. How did Natalie become Lilly Loca? I became Lilly Loca when I decided to enter a burlesque competition through MissChief Events in 2009. To be honest, it was the recession that prompted me to try it, as I had recently been made redundant and I had put performing on the back […]

Some Dumb ERRATUM – It’s Just Wrong!

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There are no snakes in New Zealand. But even so, problematic kiwi urban wildlife (that would have never seen a real snake,) can still be scared off with a rubber snake. It’s got something to do with genetic memory, or something. If you have pigeons pooping on your window sill, or mice in your kitchen, just keep […]

The Winners Of The 2012 Nikon Small World 2012 Photomicrography Competition Have Been Announced

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Science images can be very pretty, that’s why Nikon has a competition for them. But when looking at them, is it unreasonable to want something more than just pretty? In the absence of other information, the winning images are just cold abstraction. Often the information that would give you a way into the image is too technical […]

Human Wormholes, And The Eyes That Looked At The Emperor

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“One day, quite some time ago, I happened on a photograph of Napoleon’s youngest brother, Jerome, taken in 1852. And I realised then, with an amazement I have not been able to lessen since: “I am looking at eyes that looked at the Emperor.” -Roland Barthes It’s nearly the weekend – a long weekend in […]

Auckland Art Gallery Cleans Up Dirty Dirty Rock & Roll

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Coming very soon to the Auckland Art Gallery is Who Shot Rock & Roll, an exhibition of the best rock photography since the mid 50s, by luminaries in the field such as Dennis Hopper, Annie Leibovitz, and Diane Arbus. With their promotion of the show, it looks like Auckland Art Gallery are trying to make it […]

The Spooky Light Photography Of Dariustwin

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Beat on the Brat

Part of the appeal of punk was that it was an art form that anyone could be a part of – simply because it was music that anyone could make. There’ll always be an appeal to art whose processes are accessible. Not that there’s anything punky about the look of Dariustwin’s photography – it’s very […]

FILMtography – A Photo Meme In The Making

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Breakfast At Tiffany's

Movies aren’t real, everyone knows that. Even the places where the stories are set are made on a sound stages. We’re so sure of this, that it’s quite surreal when we come across an exception. Enter FILM tography, a Tumblr Blog that compares film scenes with the places where they were shot. The method by which this is done is […]

Colour Is Colour, Light Is Light – As Long As You Get That Right, You Can Have Rivers Of Coffee, And Seas Of Jellybean Creatures

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Colour is colour, and light is light, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that realistic models can be made from the strangest of materials. But once you’ve seen the photography of Matthew Albanese, it all makes sense. The striking thing about these images is that they are all about texture and form, yet it’s rare for […]

Cinemagraphs Overtake GIFs, And Replace Portraiture. This Is The Way The World Is Now

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The folks at Co.Design noticed that Pitchfork sometimes had GIFs instead of still images for its artist profiles, so they interviewed the photographer who made those images. The interview is pretty standard (where did the idea come from? what camera do you use? etc,) because it mostly serves as an excuse to feature the images, […]

Photographs Of Children Re-enacting Disasters

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From a local art controversy to an international one. Canadian photographer Jonathan Hobin has a series called In The Playroom, which involves children reenacting tragedies that have played out in the media. Maybe “controversy” is a bit of a stretch. The Daily What was very critcal, but they’re owned by the same people who own […]

Roelene at our Studio

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There are quite a few international models in town at the moment for fashion week, and Roelene is one of them. She’s from Australia and is represented by N Model Management here in NZ. You can view her portfolio here.

Winners Of The National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

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I’m a sucker for these sorts of slick photography competitions. As cynical as you can be about them, it’s hard not to be amazed by the images they produce. Yes, they could all be computer desktop backgrounds, but they’re still very lovely. The Atlantic has eleven (?) of the winners of the National Geographic’s traveller photo contest […]

Back To The Future, The Most Heart-Warming Photo Meme

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In a world of images, it’s easy to forget the basic things that they do, like freeze time. They give us access to a times and places that no longer exist. However, to do that, it requires that the image be kept for posterity, and with images becoming more ubiquitous, they’re also more disposable. There’s a meme […]

You Are Here – Art Made From The Lost & Confused Tourists Of The London Olympics

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Professional photographs are all about artifice, hence the fetishisation of candidness. When a photographic subject is at their least guarded, least coached, and least prepared for being photographed, in general that’s when the results best meet that standard of candidness. Brooklyn-based photographer Caroll Taveras saw an opportunity for such images in the London Olympics. Taveras has […]

Lauren at our Studio

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Lauren is a brand new model from way out West Auckland, and is represented by Clyne Models. She came in last week for a Go-See and I took a few portraits, you can check out her portfolio here.