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the red room – Fuyukos Fables

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Fuyukos fables Live Session

Fuyuko’s Fables. Fuyuko’s Fables, Groeni and Pales, the somewhat incestuous group of Wellington bands, are taking their folk and electronic melodic debauchery around the country this December. Both Groeni and Pales are supporting the release of the respective debut albums. Both bands also containing members of Fuyuko’s Fables, an occurrence it seems is not uncommon […]

Two new songs from @Peace

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Over the last week, exploratory New Zealand rap music collective @Peace have unveiled two new demo songs ‘Solo’ and ‘Fleas On A Dog’, both leftover tracks from their forthcoming official debut album.

Gifted Gab – Queen La’Chiefah (Free EP Download)

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Gift Uh Gab

Man, the Seattle hip-hop scene sure throws up some incredible, yet under discussed work. If you enjoy the Afrofuturist rap/rnb muzik of Shabazz Palaces and THEESatisfaction, I highly recommend downloading and listening to Queen La’Chiefah, the 2013 EP from rapper Gifted Gab, the first lady of the Moor Gang.

+ – Dove (Free Album Download)

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Dove is a very based and positive suite of asymmetrical bedroom pop rap music written, performed and created by Southside of Chicago/Dekalb, IL based polymath + (plus sign, formerly Emanuel Vinson), with tracking, mixing and mastering assistance from Owen Hill.

Name UL – Summit (Free EP Download)

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Name UL

After a break from releasing recorded music, young Wellington rapper Name UL returns with a short but impactful EP of abrasive industrial noise music informed rap songs titled Summit.

Evian Christ – Salt Carousel (Stream)

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Following on from his breakout appearance on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, incredibly talented UK beat architect, producer and live electronic performer Evian Christ, the man behind the remarkable Kings And Them mixtape/12″ returns with ‘Salt Carousel’.

Ladi6 – Diamonds [Oddisee Remix] (Free Download)

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Well, this is something, Oddisee, perhaps one of my favourite independent hip-hop talents worldwide has remixed ‘Diamonds’ by Ladi6, a all singing, all rapping double threat I’ve long considered to be one of the most talented and loved hip-hop/soul voices in New Zealand.

Jet Jaguar – Five Production Mistakes Even Professionals Keep Making (They’re Not What You Think)

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Never mind the ridiculously click-bait/trollworthy title, Wellington beat architect, producer and live electronic performer Jet Jaguar’s new EP Five Production Mistakes Even Professionals Keep Making (They’re Not What You Think) is a compelling (yet short) suite of textural electronica underpinned by both the rhythmic sensibilities of beat music, and throwback nods to the pre-cafe soundtrack eras of down-tempo, chill-out and modern ambient.

I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition (Official Trailer)

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I dream of wires

Due to overwhelming demand, Science With Synthesizers recently announce a repress of I Dream of Wires: Hardcore Edition, their independent documentary epic exploring the history, demise and resurgence of what they describe as “the ultimate electronic music machine” – the modular synthesizer.

Esmerine – Translator’s Clos Part II (Stream)

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Working with instruments like saz, electric guitar, meh obe and traditional percussion devices, Montreal based music collective Esmerine craft songs that place equal premium on textural sound exploration and ferocious melodic and rhythm arrangements framed within the olde world music of Turkey. You can stream/download ‘Translator’s Clos Part II’ inside.

Inside The Tracks: Tourettes – ‘Childhood’ (Produced by Scratch22)

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On ‘Childhood’, Berlin based ex-pat beat architect and producer Scratch22 paints an elaborate junkyard soundworld composed of found sound, rhythms that rise and fall like lapping waves, and cinematic bass and melody textures. Over the top Auckland rapper/spoken word performer Tourettes recounts a poem/spoken word text detailing vivid memories of a series of his childhood experiences. In light of the recent release of Dead Dogs Dance, I took some time out to talk to Tourettes about ‘Childhood’ and the five other songs on the EP.

Joker – Mario Ting (Stream)

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Mario Ting

Following the muddling missteps of his 4AD released debut album, a record which while it worked, didn’t articulate on the level of greatness his early 12″ releases suggested was imminent, UK producer/DJ Joker – the man who brought Longbeach’s palm tree, white tee, chucks and lo-rider cool to Bristol’s bass electronica scene, and visa versa, takes it home – returning to the 8-bit video game infused g-funk grime/dubstep aesthetic that excited us so much.

Red Bull Sound Select: The Kamandi Interview

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This Friday and Saturday night, Christchurch beat architect and live electronic performer Kåm∆nd¡ will perform in Auckland and Wellington alongside Manawatu’s Buska Dimes, Wellingtonian K∆K∆PO, and a special international guest as part of the HIT + RUN crew’s edition of Red Bull Sound Select. For more in-depth details, click here. In the lead-up to these two shows, we will be presenting you with a series of Q&A interviews with K∆K∆PO, Buska Dimes and Kåm∆nd¡. Today we continue with Kåm∆nd¡, a former band musician turned solo laptop/hardware recording artist and performer.