Black City Lights – Parallels EP (Stream)

by Martyn Pepperell.

Black City Lights - Parallels

(Stars & Letters)

Wellington producer/vocalist duo Black City Lights make spectral dream pop, that while easily comparable to the likes of Beach House, Little Dragon and Zola Jesus, sits within a continuum of washed out re-lax-ational sounds which stretches back to The Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and even Aenima; if you really want to go there.

New York label Stars & Letters have just been kind enough to digitally release their EP Parallels and as I got an email from them about it, appear to actually be doing their job; which is always nice.

Parallels does a good washy liquid take on the whole Kiwi Super8 video footage DIY rock vibe, taking it into a place driven by decaying synth drones, subtle digital rhythms and clear voiced vocals, which while upwards in aspiration, have a bit of a darker, haunted edge to their euphoria.

Tangentially, I’d be pretty keen to know what sort of importance Black City Lights place on the music of Glass Vaults. Could be an excuse for an interview right?

You can stream Parallels below. Afterwards, should you so wish to purchase it, head over to the Stars & Letters online store by CLICKING HERE.


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