Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard (Film Preview)

by Martyn Pepperell.

(Ghost Pictures)

Artfully shot and edited, Autoluminescent is the story of a true Australian guitar and song-writing cult hero, Rowland S. Howard.

Directed by Richard Lowenstein and Lynn-Maree Milburn, Autoluminescent strings together historical live concert footage and interviews, inter-splicing them with candid contemporary interviews with aside from Howard, direct peers such as Nick Cave and Genevieve McGuckin; and international fans and associates like Thurston Moore and Henry Rollins.

Tracing Howard’s journey from his days as a pretentious teenage bohemian in The Young Charlatans, to changing the game for post-punk in London as part of The Birthday Party, then eventually returning to Australia before tragically dying of liver cancer at age fifty in 2009, the documentary presents what feels like a well-rounded view of Howard and his shifting social circles.

In its own way, vivid creativity can be quite burdensome, and for Howard, being born with the talent to re-imagine guitar playing under a new light was definitely a weight which threatened to crush him at even the best of times.

This April and May, Autoluminescent screens around New Zealand as part of the World Cinema Showcase. For specific screening locales and times, CLICK HERE.

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