Alice Cohen – Pink Keys (Stream)

by Martyn Pepperell.

Alice Cohen

(Olde English Spelling Bee/Crinoline)

Mixing the optimism of eighties pop with stargazed synthesiser arpeggios, cubed drum machine rhythms and upwardly arching voice, Pink Keys by New York’s Alice Cohen is the real deal.

Alice fronted The Vels until they disbanded in 1987 and Die Monster Die during the 90s. With Pink Keys she mixes pop aesthetics with the experimentation of the weird, mining a similar lane to the likes of Rudi Zygadlo. Also paying reference to the same interzone explored through the glo-fi of Rangers, while listening through the record, one hears shades of Genesis, Yellow Magic Orchestra and even Bangles at points.

This is one of those records which while lo-fi feels hi-fi, and while experimental, also enters an impressively accessible headspace.

You can stream Pink Keys below via bandcamp.

Sidenote: Check out a few videos she has put together by CLICKING HERE

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